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What is the difference between psychologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist?
  • Who is a psychiatrist?

Psychiatrist qualification is acquiered by accomplishing additional education on psychiatry for 2 years in Azerbaijan, and for 4 or 6 years in developed countries after studing for 6 years at Medical University or Medical Faculty. Taking into account psychological and social factors, a psychiatrist conducts treatment plan according to the patient’s individual requirements, and he/she also prescribes medicine during the treatment process.

  • Who is a psychologist?

Psychologist qualification is acquiered after accomplishing 4 years education at the psychology faculty.

  • Who is a clinical psychologist?

Clinical psychologist can be qualified those who after graduating from psychology specialization accomplish 2 years of master education on clinical psychology or those with other specialization after they accomplish both master (2 years), and doctorate (4 years) education on clinical psychology on condition of respecialization. Clinical psychologist can conduct psychological practices among people with psychological disorders and can make neuropsychological evaluation on his field of specialization with the appointment of a psychiatrist.

  • Who is a psychotherapist?

A psychiatrist, psychologist or a person with any other specialization can become a psychotherapist after acquiring education on psychotherapy (conversation therapy) accordingly to respecialization conditins. A psychotherapist can do individual or group psychotherapy (conversation therapy) on his field of specialization.

Do antidepressants create addictiveness?

No, antidepressants do not create addictiveness. We have given a great deal of attention to this subject in one of our website’s posts. You can read that post by clicking this link: Antidepressants do not create addictiveness.

“Psychiatrist treats mads; neuropathologist treats neurotics”-is this view true?

Psychiatrist treats all kinds of psychiatric disorders. The list of this disorders has been introduced in the introduction of this page. Meanwhile, all disorders classified under the title of neurosis are also included into this list. As a reminder, neurosis is a psychic problem.

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